Garden Diary


 This section covers a wide range of topics. Our trials, tribulations and triumphs in establishing a native garden in a relatively harsh environment, propagation experiments, trialling plant species new to cultivation, experiments with bird nesting boxes, frog pond construction are just a few of the topics to be covered in this section.
PS  Yallaroo is situated 20 km west of Armidale on the Northern Tablelands of NSW.

Acacias of SE Australia. Book review
Australian Christmas Trees
Australian Cottage Gardens 
Australian Hedgerows
Australian Native Grasses
Balls and Rods
Beware of this Grass
Conservation and Cultivation
Daisy Flowers
Density and Diversity
Drought and Fire
Edible Exotics
Exporting Weeds
Fern Germination
Frog Pond Construction
Garden Sculptures
Grey Water
Henry Deane
Holiday Watering
Horticultural Surprises
Kitchen Paper Sandwiches
Landscaping with Eucalypt Trunks
Lawn Substitutes
Lounge Room Rainforests
Maintaining Australian Native Plants
Marvellous Mulch
Mosquito Control
Multiple Mallees
NEW Napoleon's Daisy
NEW Nutrient Problems
Out of Season Wattles
NEW Passionfruit Problems
Perhaps Hybrid Acacias
NEW Pollination Short-circuited
NEW Pot or Root Bound
Promiscuous Grevilleas
Railway Tracks
NEW Seed Dispersal
Seed Germination with Smoked Vermiculite
Sheep Camps
Small Acacia Project
Small Bird Decline
Some Rare New England Grevilleas
Two Research Projects
NEW Waterlily Problems
When is a Leaf not a Leaf
Why Cuttings?
Worm Farms