Australian Native Grasses: have been largely ignored both agriculturally and horticulturally. Graziers are now beginning to realise the virtues of native grasses. In general they have proved to be more durable than their exotic cousins. Speaking horticulturally few species are regularly cultivated.

Many native grasses are regenerating at Yallaroo after years of over-grazing. Now only kangaroos and wallabies feed on the regenerating grasses.

We are now embarking on a project where native grasses will be transplanted into our gardens. Seed will also be collected and we will observe viability and germination time. The time taken for seedlings to reach maturity will be recorded. Initially the species to be trialled will be: Dichanthium sericeum, Danthonia species, Themeda australis and Sorghum leiocladum. In the wild these grasses develop into attractive plants. It will be interesting to see how they cope with cultivation. Results will be available, on our site, as the project progresses.