Myopflor.JPG (30780 bytes)Myoporum floribundum is another favourite native plant. This medium shrub will reach a height of two metres (six feet) and has long narrow leaves that hang from the horizontal branches giving the plant a wilted appearance. This is misleading because this species has proved to be as “tough as old boots” and is drought resistant and tolerant of frost. Flowers are the outstanding feature of this species. In spring and summer the branches become covered with masses of small white flowers. This is one native plant that resents pruning. We keep the secateurs away and allow the plants to do their own thing. Myoporum floribundum is an ideal plant for inclusion in shrubberies and hedgerows. This is an eye-catching plant that attracts a wide range of insects and these in turn attract insectivorous birds. Human visitors are also attracted to this interesting plant. It has proved to be one of the easiest native plants to grow from cuttings.