Grevillea rosmarinifolia: There are at least 250 species of this well known member of the Proteaceae family. Grevillea rosmarinifolia is one of most widely cultivated species. The "conventional" form develops into a tall spreading shrub with prickly foliage and red flowers. The prickly foliage provides nesting sites for native birds. Finches, honeyeaters and wrens nest in the Grevillea rosmarinifolia plants at Yallaroo. The flowers are rich in nectar and are another bird attracting feature. This form is probably too large and prickly for the smaller garden. Another form has cream flowers and develops into a medium shrub with upright growth habit. This form is known as Grevillea rosmarinifolia var Lutea and is suitable for the smaller garden. The flowers are well presented and appear in winter when flowers are scarce in the garden. Propagation is readily easy from cuttings.