Grey Water: is the wastewater, which has been used in bathroom, kitchen and laundry. Usually this wastewater finishes up in the sewage system. Grey or wastewater may be used in the garden although some horticultural myths surround the use of this resource. It is rumoured that soap and nutrients build up in the soil to the detriment of plants. At Yallaroo grey water has been used to irrigate plants for at least five years without ill effects. Yallaroo is not connected to a sewage system but has a septic tank, which takes the output from our toilets.  Water from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry is diverted and stored in a 500-gallon tank and pumped out when required. We use “No Frills” soap and detergent. At Yallaroo we grow a wide range of native plants plus a small orchard. Grey water is used on all these plants with no ill effects to our horticultural activities.