Crimsonrosella.JPG (6398 bytes)Crimson Rosellas:  are also known as Mountain Lowries. These parrots are common throughout bushland, parks and gardens in Eastern Australia. Deep crimson body, blue cheeks and wings flecked with black combine to make this one of the most attractive birds in the world. Yallaroo is home to many Crimson Rosellas and we often see and hear flocks of 6 or more in the trees near the house. Much time is spent in our stringy barks (Eucalyptus laevopinea) cracking open gum nuts and extracting seeds. They are also partial to wattle (Acacia) seeds, which usually ripen in December. Small flocks of Crimson Rosellas perch in the grey-foliaged medium shrubs of saltbush (Rhagodia species). These shrubs have fleshy leaves with a strong salty taste that are attractive to Rosellas.