Conservation & Cultivation: New South Wales is fortunate in having a world-class system of National Parks and Nature Reserves. A wide range of habitats and environments are conserved. Many rare or threatened plant species are protected in these reserves. Unfortunately this does not ensure the survival of rare plants. Natural and man-made disasters could threaten species survival. For example bush fires at too frequent intervals many prevent some plants from reaching maturity and producing seed. To ensure the long-term survival of rare or threatened plant species conservation must go hand in hand with cultivation. The habitat of rare plants must be conserved and these species should be brought into cultivation. If the species becomes extinct in the wild then cultivated specimens will ensure survival. The Wollomi Pine, Wollemia nobilis, is an example of conservation and cultivation. This extraordinary tree was discovered in a National Park near Sydney a few years ago. The discovery of this plant was the equivalent of finding a living dinosaur. Only a few individuals survive in the wild. Cuttings and seeds were propagated and in the near future the Wollomi Pine will be available for cultivation. At Yallaroo we are very interested in the conservation and cultivation of local rare and threatened native plants. The Northern Tablelands, of New South Wales is the home to many rare or threatened native plants. Many of these species have great horticultural potential and in the future will find their way into Botanic Gardens and then into private gardens. The Yarralumla Nursery, Canberra, in conjunction with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, of New South Wales, are introducing a number of rare species from Southern New Southern Wales. These include Acacia covenyi, Grevillea iascapula and Grevillea wilkinsonii.