Zornia.JPG (52939 bytes)Zornia dyctiocarpa: is a member of the Fabaceae (Pea) family. There are about 80 Zornia species world-wide. Of these, 19 species are endemic to Australia .
Zornia dyctiocarpa is a prostrate or decumbent* perennial. Each leaf is composed of two leaflets. The lower leaflets are oval whilst the upper are linear.
The flowers are pea-shaped and are yellow to orange with dark red blotches.
The species is widespread and occurs in many areas of New South Wales as well as Queensland and the Northern Territory .
Zornia dyctiocarpa grows in grassland and open forest. It is virtually invisible until the flowers appear in summer. Zornia dyctiocarpa is native to Yallaroo and sometimes appears in our grasslands.
This is one species that we have not cultivated but may be propagated from seed.
*Decumbent: spreading horizontally with ends growing upwards.