Xanthorrhoea minor.jpg (56492 bytes)Xanthorrhoea minor: is a member of the Xanthorrhoeaceae family and is known as the Small Grass-tree. The Small Grass-tree is clumping perennial that usually reaches a height less than one metre. Plants have few to many crowns. Leaves are 3-angled, up to 70 cm long and 0.3 cm wide.
The scapes, that support the flower spikes, are up to 60 cm long. The floral spikes are 15 cm long. Spikes hold large numbers of creamy-white flowers. Blooms are rich in nectar and attract both birds and insects.
The main flowering period is in October and November with sporadic blooms at other times.
Unlike other Grass-trees this species is rather insignificant when not flowering. Certainly flowering plants make their presence felt. Plants usually carry multiple flower spikes. Each crown usually carries a flower spike.
There are 2 subspecies: Xanthorrhoea minor subsp. minor is found on the Central Coast and Tablelands of NSW. Xanthorrhoea minor subsp. lutea is a native of Victoria and South Australia and has yellow flowers.
Propagate from seed.