Worm-farm.JPG (12242 bytes)Worm Farms: At Yallaroo we try to recycle as much as possible. Cans, tins, plastic containers, bottles and paper all finish up at the recycling site that is managed by the local Shire Council.
This leaves (no pun intended) green waste such as vegetable peelings and fruit skins. This material is recycled on site. For the last ten years we have fed all green waste, from the kitchen, to a worm farm. As the image shows, the farm consists of four containers. The top three have slotted bases and the bottom one catches liquid produced by the worms.
The three slotted trays are the receptacles for green waste. As the material is demolished in one tray then the next tray is filled and the worms migrate up through the slots to this fresh banquet.
The nutrient-rich material left by the worms is used in our potting mix. The worms also secrete large quantities of liquid. This liquid is also rich in nutrients and is diluted and watered onto our plants in tubes. The mix is about one litre of worm juice to nine litres of water.
The worms are special composting species. Our worm farm copes with the green waste generated by two adults and produces solid and liquid fertiliser with the absolute minimum of care and attention.