Pagoda.JPG (15318 bytes)Wollemi National Park: is 100 kilometres north west of Sydney with an area of 490,000 hectares. The Park is one of the largest in NSW and protects a spectacular maze of canyons, cliffs and undisturbed forest. These forests contain a bewildering range of native plants. A few years ago the Wollemi Pine was discovered in one of the densely forested canyons. Finding this living fossil was one the most exciting botanical discoveries of the century. Grevillea evansiana is another interesting plant found in the Park. This small to medium shrub has glossy foliage and burgundy flower heads. This plant is found near Dunnís Swamp a large body of water. There are picnic areas and camping areas on the shore of this attractive feature.

Also in the area there are monumental, eroded sandstone formations known as Pagodas. The photograph illustrates one of many Pagodas near Dunnís Swamp.

The Putty Road, which is a main route northwest from Sydney, follows the eastern boundary of Wollemi National Park.