Week 4 September 2016: Rain = 8 millimetres. This was a lot less than previous weeks. Still there is plenty of ground moisture and we are having a magnificent spring. The garden is full of blooming plants.

On the Saturday we had another garden visit. This time the local group of the Australian Plant Society (APS) visited. They spent about three hours wandering around the garden and lunching on our back patio. A few members collected cuttings. This was the last garden visit for the year. Next year we will be cutting down on garden visits.

This week 12 plants went into the ground. Potting on continued with rooted cuttings of Grevillea alpina, Eremophila Red Desert and Correa pulchella going into tubes. We also potted on seedling Hakea bucculenta and dwarf beans.

We assembled a metal raised garden bed that we purchased from our local ALDI store. We bought two recently. We now have five raised garden beds assembled including four from an Ebay store. All we have to do is fill them with soil.

One day we had a note in the letter box about a parcel being held at the Uralla post office. All our mail comes through Uralla. We found that the parcel was our printer from Canon. A few weeks ago we contacted NSW Fair Trading about our faulty printer that lasted less than three years.  They acted on our behalf and the result was that Canon supplied a printer at no charge. The printer is an equivalent model to the faulty one. This was a very satisfactory outcome.

Whilst in Uralla, picking up the printer, we drove past the garden of a member of the local APS. He is establishing a native garden. We were very impressed by his front garden which is a beautiful example of a suburban native garden. The garden stands out amongst other more conventional gardens in his street.

Wildlife observations: There was a flock of Black-faced Cuckoo Shrikes flying around the tops of our mature eucalypts this week. They return every year at about this time. A small flock of White-naped Honeyeaters were sighted in a clump of Grevillea arenaria near our gate. A Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater was also feeding on the flowers of these grevilleas. Whilst driving out one morning we disturbed a Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo. The bird was on the ground chewing away the bark of a Eucalyptus prava. The bird must have been after a wood-boring caterpillar. We have noticed another tree damaged, in a similar manner, near the ground.


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