Week 4 September 2015: No rain this week.

This week we used our cordless hedge trimmer to cut back foliage along our road. We bought our trimmer some time ago and this was its first use. The unit is easy to use and fast.

We sowed lots of vegetable seeds this week including radish, lettuce, beans, cucumbers and zucchini to name a few.

We also potted on seedling cucumber and zucchini seedlings. We also potted on rooted cuttings of our Geraldton Wax.

We also picked rhubarb, broad beans and blueberries. The blueberries were placed in a paper bag to fully ripen. Two of our evergreen blueberry plants are covered in developing berries.

Our bush lemon plant yielded a number of ripe lemons. These were used to make lemon butter. Our grafted lemon, in a pot, is covered in buds.

This week we planted 24 tubes in our northern garden. These plants were well watered and mulched.

We found a Leionema elatius in full flower. This plant was partially hidden in one of our shrubberies.  This genus was previously known as Phebalium.

Wildlife observations: plenty to report this week. The two young thrushes that were in the nest in our plastic house have left. Once their young have left the nest they do not hang about but leave the area. For a few weeks there has been a Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater in the shrubberies near the house. This week it has been joined by a partner. A pair of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters has built a nest in a clematis vine just beside our ensuite window. This week we saw our first Jacky Lizard for the spring. They are coming out of hibernation. We have a number of Senna (used to be Cassia) plants in the garden. This week one plant was visited by a pair of native Carpenter Bees. They are about as big as blowflies. The male is purplish-green and the female is yellow-green. They come back every spring when the sennas are flowering.


Garden Diary