Week 4 September 2013: No rain this week.

One day this week two technicians arrived and took down our IP star satellite dish and replaced it with an NBN dish and new modem. We are now connected to the NBN Interim Satellite Service. Broadband speed is slightly faster with a much higher data allowance. Our next step is to set up a wireless network.

Plenty of horticultural activity this week. We planted 28 plants. Also we potted on struck cuttings of Asterolasia species, Grevillea lanigera, Prostanthera serpyllifolia and Grevillea wilkinsonii.

We had some wildlife sightings and hearings this week. Firstly we heard the first Channel-billed Cuckoo of the season. These large birds lay their eggs in the nests of Currawongs and Magpies. We also sighted four Quail and found a Willie Wagtail nest in a Hakea salicifolia plant, north of the house. We also saw some native Carpenter Bees around one of our Senna plants.

Two plants in flower this week were: Melaleuca Velvet Cushion and Prostanthera scutellarioides.

Thanks to the dry weather we spent some time watering new plantings with our grey water supply.


Garden Diary