Week 4 September 2012: Rain = 17 millimetre

On Saturday we gave a talk, at the Armidale Tree Group, on seed and cutting propagation. We also described our planting methods and mentioned some interesting plants available from the Tree Group nursery. Last year, at about the same time, we attempted a similar talk. Unfortunately the day was cold, wet and windy and no one turned up. This time the weather was more agreeable and about 30 people attended. A very satisfying number. After the talk we went on a tour of the regenerating woodland around the nursery.

We have plenty of room in our propagating unit so we have decided to propagate cuttings for the Armidale Tree Group Nursery. This week we put in 40 cuttings of the red-flowered form of Correa glabra.

This week we managed to plant 18 tube stock and also did some weeding around older plantings.

The Dusky Wood Swallows have arrived for spring and summer. A flock of over 20 birds were flying around Yallaroo this week.

Another, more frequent wildlife sighting, was our Blue Wrens. These delightful small birds are now residents in the garden. They are one of the small native birds that are suffering from loss of habitat. Our horticultural activities have provided them with a safe and sheltered environment.

On a visit to the nursery section of a local hardware shop we picked up a rather forlorn Waratah (Telopea species) plant for $5. We potted on the plant into a larger pot and are hoping for the best.

Plenty of spring flowers this week including: Hakea macreana, Melaleuca incana, Melaleuca radula, Grevillea sericea and Grevillea speciosa. The two Grevilleas are beautiful small shrubs from the Hawkesbury Sandstone country around Sydney.


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