Week 4 September 2010: Rain = 9.5 millimetres

This week we planted beans, onions and tomatoes in our vegetable rings. We hope to have bountiful vegetable harvests in late spring, summer and autumn.

Our pear tree is in full flower. Speaking of bountiful harvests we hope to have a plentiful supply of pears later in the year.

This week we found a Grey Thrush nest in the Clematis vines growing on the supports of our patio roof. The Thrushes have nested in various places close to the house and our propagating area for at least the last five years.

Most of the week was spent preparing for a trip to Tamworth on the weekend. We stayed with our friends, Bill and Sonya and spoke to the Tamworth group of the Australian Plant Society on Friday night. We spoke about plant propagation using seeds and cuttings. Then on Saturday we opened Tamworth Sustainable Live and Gardening Expo at the Botanic Gardens. Then twice on Saturday and once on Sunday we spoke to Expo visitors about plant propagation. During Saturday we had a chance to walk around the Gardens. Planted around a large water feature there was a great display of native plants including Eremophilas and Grevilleas.

After our Sunday morning talk we drove north back to Yallaroo after a satisfying weekend.

Once home we found some time to water some of our new plants from our grey water supply.


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