Week 4 September 2008: Rain = 9.5mm

A number of Acacias began to flower during the week including: Acacia cheelii, Acacia doratoxylon and Acacia viscidula.

On our regular shopping day, to Armidale, we noticed that the new Big W store had pallets of plants outside their entrance. When the store was built no provision was made for a plant nursery. They have realised that there is a demand for plants in Armidale hence the plants on pallets. Unfortunately the plants cannot be watered because the water would run over the tiled floor and would create a very slippery hazard for shoppers. Consequently after a couple of days shoppers are greeted by pallets of dead and dying plants. What a pity they didnít build a proper nursery in the first place.

We spent one day preparing plant material for a talk we are giving to the Tamworth Group of the Australian Plant Society later in the week. We are speaking about rare Australian plants and collected material of the rare plants that we are growing at Yallaroo. We were surprised when we made a collection of 30 rare plant species.

In the middle of the week we set off to Tamworth and one evening gave our rare plant talk. The next day we spoke twice at the Tamworth Rotary Garden Expo and extolled the virtues of growing Australian plants. The Expo was held in the Tamworth Botanic Gardens. Bill and Sonya, from the Plant Society, kindly provided accommodation for two nights.

After Tamworth we set off for Sydney to meet our sonís future in laws, Richard and Margaret. They are visiting from England for a few weeks.

We spent a very enjoyable couple of days getting to know them and catching up with our family.

One trip, during this visit, was to the Auburn Botanic Gardens in western Sydney. This is an interesting area with some beautiful gardens. Unfortunately other areas left a bit to be desired. The so called Australian native garden consisted of a few Eucalypts with a grass understorey. Also the Fauna area consisted of a number of fenced-in dust bowls that were home (?) to some dispirited Wallabies. We found this part of the Gardens a very depressing place.

On a more positive note we had dinner at the Parramatta Leagues Club where we had a tasty roast dinner for only $5. 

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