Week 4 September 2004:  Rain = 2mm.

This was a big week for the Sheathers. Firstly we travelled to Tamworth (south of Armidale on the New England Highway). On Thursday night we spoke to the Tamworth Bird Watching Group. We spoke about native plants and their relationship to birds and other wildlife. This was an interesting evening and we fielded a number of questions and comments. Two members, Russ and Jenny provided welcome accommodation overnight.

The next day we drove to Sydney. On the way we stopped at the State Forest Nursery at Muswellbrook. We purchased a number of tubes including Acacias and some Western Australian Eucalypts.

On Saturday four of our family climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. What a great view from the top. We would recommend the Bridge Climb to everyone. It looks rather dangerous and daunting but is extremely safe and very exciting. The Climb and preparation takes a total of three hours. No plants were observed growing on the bridge but we did come across the mud nest of a Pee Wee or Magpie Lark complete with a parent sitting on eggs.

The Bridge Climb was a birthday present from our children. We also received a grafted Eucalypt as a ruby wedding anniversary present. It is Eucalyptus Summer Red and is a hybrid between Eucalyptus ficifolia and Eucalyptus ptychocarpa grafted onto a “vigorous, hardy rootstock”. The summer flowers are dark red with gold-tipped stamens. We have to decide to best position, in the garden, for this spectacular present.   

We returned home on the Monday together with one of our daughters and two grandchildren. The remainder of the week was spent with the family before they returned south.

Garden Diary