Week 4 September 2003: The first half of the week was spent at Port Stephens. We were involved in lots of beach and bush walking as well as some swimming.
Noticed a bushy tail hanging down from the garage door at the rented house during the day. The tail was attached to a Brushtail Possum who spent the day resting in this uncomfortable position.
Went walking in Myall Lakes National Park. There were many plants in flower including Flannel Flowers, Wedge Pea (Gompholobium species) and Boronias. There is also an extensive dune system protected in the Park.
We came home in the middle of the week. Many plants are also in flower in our garden. One eye-catching species is Hibbertia aspera. This plant will develop into a scrambler, growing amongst another plants or as a climber. Our specimen is climbing up one of our patio posts. When we arrived home the plant was covered in small yellow flowers.
We provided some flowers and foliage for a local wedding. This is the second time that a local family has opted for native plants for their floral decoration at their daughter’s wedding.

Garden Diary