Week 4 September 2002: No rain this week.  Our daughter rang form Birmingham (UK). They had a moderately severe earthquake early one morning. No one was injured but some roofs were damaged.
Bought some Acacias, in tubes, from the local community nursery. They propagate a wide range of species at a reasonable price.
We mulched our fruit trees with old stable manure and gave them a deep watering. Some of our “edible exotics” have been somewhat defoliated by hungry kangaroos. They will recover.
We have a number of Grevillea anethifolia in full flower. Their white blooms are highly perfumed.
There are lots of Caper White Butterflies in the garden. They seem to favour Westringia flowers. All our numerous Westringias have survived our frosty winter and drought conditions and are blooming bounteously.
We saw an Eastern Spinebill carrying a feather into one of our Clematis microphylla vines on our back patio. The intricate branches, of this vigorous climber, provide secure nesting sites for many native birds.

Garden Diary