Week 4 October 2016: Rain = 48 millimetres. The rain keeps coming and soaks in nicely.

Flowering is in full force with Hakea eriantha, Grevillea acanthifolia and G. Evelynís Coronet plus Calothamnus rupestris all blooming bounteously.

Seedling Hakea Pink Lace, H. macrorrhyncha, Acacia boormanii as well as rooted cuttings of Craspedia species went into tubes.

The vegetable garden received some attention this week. We planted out dwarf beans, yellow pear tomatoes and silver beet. We also picked our first radish this week.

Planting also continued this week with 20 plants going into our latest garden.

One afternoon we walked along the Travelling Stock Route outside our gate. There is a very wet area where the water lies after rain. This area was a blaze of yellow with an abundance of buttercups and Bulbine bulbosa plants all coming into full flower.

This week we set up the printer that Canon sent to replace the faulty unit. We have been struggling with the old faulty printer for some time. Certainly saves time and reduces frustration with a properly working printer.

We had some visitors this week. Firstly our friendly electrician replaced a power point and a light fitting. Then one afternoon our friends from Canberra visited. We had a very pleasant afternoon wandering around the garden.

Wildlife observation: We have four blueberries in pots on our deck. The plants are covered with fruit and this week a pair of silvereyes found them. We erected frames over the plants and covered with netting.


Garden Diary