Week 4 October 2015: Rain = 21 millimetres.

The four flower spikes on our Grass Tree (Xanthorrhea) have burst into bloom and are attracting birds and insects. So far no native bees have appeared on the spikes. There are plenty of honeybees.

Early in the week we had our three-weekly garden programme on ABC radio. There was a couple of questions phoned in.

On the Sunday over 50 people visited from Inverell. They came in a large coach. The visit was arranged by the Tree Tenders Nursery, Inverell northwest of Yallaroo. This was one of our best visits. Everyone was interested in our horticultural endeavours. We were presented with a Verticordia plumosa from the nursery.

Later in the week we visited our friends from Canberra at their place east of Yallaroo. They brought up lots of plants to put in their extensive garden. As per usual a pleasant time was had by all.

Later in the week we gave a talk at the Armidale Tree Group Nursery. We spoke about planting native plants on the Northern Tablelands. At least 40 people attended and were very interested in all aspects of using native plants in their gardens. This was another very satisfying activity.  The nursery has many interesting plants for sale with many local species. We write a seasonal article for their newsletter.

Our relative came up from Lithgow, west of Sydney, for a visit of a few days. We had a very pleasant time.

We still found time to do some planting and potting on. We potted on rooted cuttings of Boronia Carousel, Goodenia decurrens and Grevillea Winpara Gem.

Leptospermum Mesmer Eyes, Melaleuca nodosa and Prostanthera Ballerina are in full flower also many bottlebrushes are blooming. We planted 12 tubes in our north garden.

Some time ago we planted some sub-tropical hybrid grevilleas in a bed near our deck. Unfortunately only one survived so this week we took out the expired plants. This bed will accommodate some of the plants we have purchased over the past months. They are all in large pots. Hopefully their survival rate will be higher that the grevilleas.

This week we topped up two of our ponds. The big pond, near our deck, is full of tadpoles.

Wildlife observations: Five King Parrots and four Eastern Rosellas were feeding on our mown area. As mentioned above the four spikes on our Grasstree (Xanthorrhoea) are in full flower. They are attracting a number of nectar-feeders including honey bees, Silvereyes, Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters and Noisy Friarbirds. Our wagtails have nested north of our house and appear to have raised one baby.


Garden Diary