Week 4 October 2013: Rain = 17.5 millimetres.
This week our Melaleuca gibbosa plants burst into bloom. This handsome shrub is rather similar, in appearance, to the better known Melaleuca decussata.
Potting on, of struck cuttings, continued this week. Cuttings of Grevillea arenaria var canescens, Prostanthera scutellarioides, Melaleuca thymifolia and Grevillea rosmarinifolia var lutea all had vigorous roots.
Our Xanthorrhea plant has a flower spike that is attracting plenty of nectar-sipping birds and insects including a Scarlet Honeyeater, a new visitor to Yallaroo, and a flock of Raimentís Red Bees.
More wildlife visitors this week: four quail sighted near the house and the Willie Wagtails, nesting on the back patio have made us a present of 2 babies.
We found time to plant 10 tubes in our north garden.
During a storm, this week, the ground around the house was covered in small hailstones.
This week we purchased a router and now have WiFi. The next step is to buy a tablet.
At the end of the week we set off for Gosford, north of Sydney, to stay with family members. Early next week we will set off from there to a mystery destination to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with all our family.

Garden Diary