Week 4 October 2011: Rain = 31 millimetres

There was very little outside work undertaken this week. We decided to clean out our shed and rented a 15 cubic metre skip. Over the week we filled the skip almost to overflowing. We now have a shed where most of the floor and the entire top of the work bench are visible. Although we considered most of the “skipped” material was rubbish the skip owner told us that less than 10% will go to land fill. The rest will be recycled.

We heard our first Channel-billed Cuckoos this week. These large, ungainly birds migrate to southern Australia in spring from Southeast Asia. They lay the eggs in Currawong, Magpie and Crow nests. We have heard their raucous call when visiting Singapore.

Our big pond, near the house, is bulging at the seams with large tadpoles. Don’t know which species but when they mature there will be a significant increase Yallaroo’s frog population.

Early last week we found that a pair of Willie Wagtails had built a nest on top of the outside light on our deck. Unfortunately this was not a secure place and the nest slipped off.  The nest contained two eggs that broke. Hopefully the birds will build another nest in a more secure place.

Whilst speaking of nests and eggs. At the end of the week we found a Jackie Lizard laying eggs in a hole in one of our new garden beds. Later in the day the lizard had filled in the hole.


Garden Diary