Week 4 October 2010: Rain = 12.5 millimetres Once again our house tank overflowed and we were able to transfer some of the surplus to our irrigation tank.

This was a big week for our family. We travelled to Sydney to welcome the arrival of a new grandson. Baby, parents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephew and grandparents are all doing well. We were able to have some very pleasant family gatherings during our visit.

We managed to fit in a bushwalk in a reserve near the new parentís home. We walked along a track that followed a creek. All along the creek Callicoma serratifolia plants were in full flower. The lit up the creek banks with their fluffy cream flowers.

On the way to and from Sydney we were taken by the masses of Kunzea ambigua in full flower along the Freeway. They also have fluffy cream flowers.

We made a mandatory stop at the Muswellbrook Forestry Nursery on the way home. Strangely enough some plants were purchased including Grevillea Deua Flame, a Crowea, Hakea leucoptera and Hakea orthorrhyncha.

During the last days of the week we managed to mulch some of our newer plantings and potted on our double-grafted citrus into a bigger container.

A large Dianella (Flax Lily) was also divided. From one large plant we finished up with about ten smaller plants.


Garden Diary