Week 4 October 2009:  Rain = 20 mm

Early this week we had a visit from a couple from Armidale. They are interested in starting a native garden and required information on native plants suitable for their Armidale garden. We had an interesting walk around the garden describing suitable species.

We spent a few hours mulching all our plantings. All our new plants are now mulched.

As well as mulching we watered all our new plantings with grey water. We try to use grey water on our new plants every ten days or so. This watering regime is continued for the first two growing seasons. After that the plants depend on rainfall.

We have a large meat ant nest on the side of the road north of our house. They have made tracks into our garden beds. This week we noticed some ants carrying items back to the nest. On close examination we found that they were carrying slaters and Myoporum fruits. The fruits have a sweet, fleshy coat around the solitary seed.

A Eucalypt burst into bloom this week with pale yellow flowers. Eucalyptus gillii is a small mallee that is found in northern South Australia and western New South Wales. Our plant is carrying many flowers.

This week we picked a large number of ripe strawberries growing in one of our vegetable rings. They are Red Gauntlets and the plants were presents from one of our neighbours.

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