Week 4 October 2008:  Rain = 15.5 mm

This week we observed Pardalote building a nest in a hollow of a fallen tree just outside our gate. The birds were very busy taking pieces of grass into the hollow.

All our new plants were mulched this week. We try to mulch as we plant but sometimes planting gets ahead of mulching.

The Callistemons are continuing to burst into bloom. This season they appear to have more flowers than other years. This is probably due to the good rain in the cooler months.

Found another plant, in one of our gardens, that we had forgotten about. This was Calytrix alpestris. We planted this species a few years ago and the specimen disappeared amongst other plants. This week we found the specimen in flower.

We now have many Myoporums in our gardens. We have observed that both Skink Lizards and Crimson Rosellas eat to fleshy fruits of the ground cover Myoporum parvifolium. This week we heard a cracking noise coming from one of our upright Myoporums. A pair of King Parrots had found the fleshy fruits and was eating them. The cracking noise was the parrots breaking the hard inner seed of the fruit.

We spent a morning watering all our newer gardens with grey water. Our new gardens are watered for the first two growing seasons then they rely on rainfall.

Nine plants went into the ground this week. We will have to increase our planting rate as we have many plants waiting in the wings to be planted.

Found some more bird nests this week. A pair of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters is building a nest in an exotic Jasmine vine on our back patio about four metres from our back door. Right at our back door a pair of Scrub Wrens has a nest in a pot of native violets. Finally Red-browed Finches are building a nest in a prickly Hakea near our shed.

In July we visited the Grafton area and collected cuttings of a prostrate Prostanthera sejuncta. This week we noticed that some of these cuttings were taking root.

Two groups visited Yallaroo this week. Firstly there was a couple from Wagga Wagga in southern New South Wales. They were particularly interested in the birds and Eucalypts.

The second group was a horticultural class from Armidale TAFE. They were interested in propagation and bags of cutting material were taken back to TAFE.

New on the site: Calytrix alpestris and Kunzea pomifera.


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