Xanth3.JPG (46802 bytes)Week 4 October 2007: Rain = 83.5mm what a great turn around in the weather

There were more family visitors this week. Our son and partner came bearing gifts. We were presented with a Meyer lemon. This was a very welcome gift and will find a home in a sheltered part of the garden.

We walked down to our Big Dam one night. The frog calls were almost deafening. We sighted a large Peronís Tree Frog and an unusual Water Scorpion.

There were some storms around this week bringing the welcome rain. The storms also brought blackouts on two nights. We were without power for a total of eight hours. We are definitely going to buy a small generator.

Our laptop has 256 Mb ram and has become very slow. This week we had a 512 Mb ram chip fitted making a total of 768 Mb ram. It is like having a new computer. Every function is done more than twice as fast. The chip and fitting only cost $99. Well worth the money.

Our Melaleuca violacea plants are in full flower. This colourful, small plant comes from Western Australia. Melaleuca pentagona is another species from the West that is flowering.

We have a Xanthorrhea plant that has produced four flower spikes (see image). This week they started to flower. A huge number of insects were attracted to the flowers including butterflies, flies, wasps, honey bees and at least six species of native bees. A female Carpenter Bee was one of the visitors. We picked up this bee to have a closer look. This was not a very smart move. We now know that Carpenter Bees are able to sting. Their sting is equivalent to a pin prick. In future we will leave native bees alone.

Two Double-barred Finches appeared in the garden this week. These attractive small birds appear in the garden every so often.


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