Week 4 October 2003: Rain this week: 8.5 mm.
Our Leptospermum nova-angliae is flowering. We have a number of specimens scattered throughout the gardens at Yallaroo.
Last year we planted a number of Bulbine Lilies in various garden beds. This month they are flowering and seedlings are germinating in various places. It is very pleasing to see these self-seeding native lilies appearing.
We spent some time writing articles for the Grevillea Study Group. We belong to a number of Study Groups that are organized by the Australian Plant Society.
A pair of King Parrots was eating some leaves from one of our Rhagodia (Saltbush) plants. Crimson Rosellas and Grey Kangaroos are also partial to the foliage. Their grey leaves have high salt contact.
Our first Dollar Birds, for the season, were observed zooming around this week. These acrobatic birds migrate from the north of Australia each summer, nest here then fly north again in autumn. They are known as Dollar Birds because of the large white spot on each wing.
We purchased a copy of the Flora book published by Gardening Australia. It is a weighty tome that bulges at the seams with information about both exotic and native plants. A useful CD also comes with the book.

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