Week 4 October 2002: Left Gosford for home halfway through this week. We had a good trip home. The journey takes about five hours, including a stop for lunch.
Measured 24 mm rain when we were away. The hot weather soon dried up this welcome water. The rain did fill our water tank to overflowing. Most plants in the garden OK but we did lose a few cuttings on our propagating bench.
We sowed some Acacia seeds in kitchen paper before we went away. Most of these seeds germinated. Because they germinated in the dark the seeds were rather elongated. We potted them on and hope that they will survive when exposed to sunlight.
A pair of Grey Thrushes is nesting in the Clematis vines on our back patio. These dense vines have provided nesting sites for many native birds over the last couple of years.
Saw a meteor one night this week. It flashed across the sky from west to east and was visible for at least ten seconds.
A large Jacky Lizard has taken to sunning itself on some of our timber pieces in the garden. This lizard is about 30 cm long and is the biggest specimen we have seen at Yallaroo.
The weather is very hot and the drought persists. We are spending a fair bit of time mulching and watering young plants in our Lawn Garden. Only a few juvenile plants have died in this garden.

Garden Diary