Week 4 November 2016:

Early in the week we travelled to northern Sydney to spend some time with another relative. At dinner we had another birthday cake as the celebrations continued.

We went for a short bushwalk in a reserve near our relative’s home. Lots of typical Sydney sandstone vegetation in the reserve. We saw Persoonia levis, P. pinifolius, several wattles and a Platylobium formosum to name a few.

One day we had an outing to St Albans, a small historic village on the banks of the Macdonald River, north of Sydney. We had lunch at an historic pub.

On the weekend we went to a local oval and watched our granddaughter participate in Little Athletics. Hundreds of children take part in a range of events every weekend. The events are very well organised.

Later in the week we were on the road again. This time we travelled to the Central Coast, north of Sydney. We spent the rest of the week visiting another relative and her family.

We ate out at few restaurants during our visit. Also walked our grandson to school and met him after school each day.

One morning we went on a ferry ride around Brisbane Waters. This is an extensive waterway fringed by small settlements. The weather was fine, not to hot and we had a restful voyage.

Wildlife observations: One morning we saw two lyrebirds in our relative’s Central Coast garden. Another time we observed a flock of White-winged Choughs on a nearby oval. At our relative’s northern Sydney home we found a Net-casting Spider. At St Albans there was a Blue-faced Honeyeater hopping around the outdoor eating area at the pub.

Garden Diary