Week 4 November 2014: Rain = 19 millimetres

We spent some time watering this week. There were very high temperatures when we were away and our newish northern garden was in need of a drink.

This week we pruned large Geraldton Wax (Chamelaucium sp) and Grevillea Pink Surprise plants. Both are growing near the northern side of the house. Both varieties have long flowering periods so they are pruned in the brief period when they are resting from blooming.

To the north of the house near our northern boundary there was a large dead eucalypt that had been ringbarked decades ago by previous owners. The tree provided perching places for many birds including Wedge-tailed Eagles. One day this week the tree fell down. This was a pity but on a positive note the tree will yield at least one winterís worth of firewood.

A few months ago we put in a large number of Crowea Ecstasy cuttings. This week we potted on 30 rooted cuttings. This is a very satisfying result as usually we find croweas are very slow to produce roots.

A Melaleuca huegelii is flowering. Due to the extremely dry and hot weather the flowers are a trifle miserable in size.

A couple of wildlife sightings this week: Two Swamp Wallabies were seen cooling off in our big dam during a hot day. The Willie Wagtails nested again near our back door. There were three babies in the nest but on one hot day one died. The other two are surviving.


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