Week 4 November 2012: Rain = 7.5 millimetres

Early this week we travelled to Gosford then Sydney to attend a Memorial Service for a dearly loved and sorely missed family member.

We visited the Wildflower Place, a native plant nursery in Gosford. They have an interesting range of plants. We were given a present consisting of a number of plants in seven centimetre round tubes. Included in the present were: Bauera sessiliflora, Hemiandra pungens, Scaevola striata and Hypocalymma linifolium.  

On our return home we picked our first beetroot and filled our third timber vegetable bed with soil.

Late in the week we potted on struck cuttings of Correa Canberra Bells, Grevillea Semperflorens, Prostanthera incana, Leptospermum Aphrodite as well as seedlings of Eucalyptus prava.

Our Scarlet Runner climbing bean is covered with attractive red flowers. This variety is known as the Eight Year Bean. Our plant is two years old. Last year was its first flowering and we harvested a few beans. Hopefully this season we will be eating many more progeny from this plant.

Whilst away we had our laptop repaired. The disc reader/writer was replaced.


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