Week 4 November 2010: Rain = 3.5 millimetres

We found a Patersonia occidentalis flowering in the garden this week. Because the garden is rather extensive we often find flowering plants that we had forgotten about. This was an example of one of our forgotten plants.

This week we bought a new battery for the ride-on mower. We hooked up our small trailer to the mower and collected a load of mulch. Parked the trailer near a new garden and mulched the plants.

The rain has triggered a proliferation of weeds and this week we spot sprayed some weedy areas with glyphosate. 

Two weeks ago we were given material of an unusual orange-flowered Pandorea pandorana (Wonga Vine). This week we found at least 50% of the cuttings had strong root development. This was a satisfying result after such a short time. We also potted on struck cuttings of Goodenia decurrens and Grevillea Sunrise.


Garden Diary