Week 4 November 2009:  Rain = 2 millimetres

We spent some time planting vegetables in our veggie rings this week. Capsicums and beetroot were planted close together in one of the rings.

Our worm farm produces large quantities of worm juice. This week we diluted the juice and watered our vegetables with this valuable resource.

We watered some of our newer plantings with grey water this week. The weather is so dry that we have to keep a careful eye on our newer plants. Some of our older Prostantheras (Mint Bushes) are starting to wilt but ten millimetres of rain will have them bouncing back.

A couple of interesting bird sightings this week. We caught sight of an adult quail with two young in tow. A pair of quail has taken up residence in the garden. It is exciting to see that they are breeding. We also observed a pair of Bronzewing Pigeons on our road one day this week. They are rare visitors to Yallaroo.

Started digging holes, planting and mulching this week. Eleven plants went into the ground. We have a backlog of plants ready for the garden. Our propagating efforts have been meeting with great success.

We have purchased another book for our botanical/horticultural library. Australian Rushes by Kathy A. Meney and John S. Pate. This rather technical book covers the Biology, Identification and Conservation of the Restionaceae family and allied families. The publication will aid in our identification of this interesting group of plants.


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