Week 4 November 2007: Rain = 39.5 mm Total for month = 90.5mm Monthly average = 80 mm. A great turn around in the weather.

Some time ago we planted a struck passionfruit cutting against our shed. The cutting was struck from our existing Nellie Kelly passionfruit. This week the cutting burst into flower.

Calotis lappulacea is one plant that has regenerated in large numbers on Yallaroo since sheep were removed years ago. This daisy forms clumps and at this time of the year breaks out in bright yellow flowers. They now form golden carpets throughout our woodland areas.

Bulbine vagans is a local native lily that is also flowering with bright yellow blooms. This rare species comes from the gorge country east of Armidale.

Melaleuca alternifolia is another plant in flower at the moment. This is a tall shrub with aromatic foliage and masses of white “fluffy” flowers. This species is well-known because Tea Tree Oil is extracted from the foliage.

We have an Acacia baileyana Purpurea in one of our gardens. At this time of the year the foliage has a bright purple colour. This variety is not as vigorous as the “conventional” Acacia baileyana.

Our New Pond (now over 12 months old) is hosting a large number of tadpoles. They have bodies that are figure 8 shaped with a silvery dot between their eyes. Our four ponds now attract frogs.

There was more digging holes, planting and mulching this week. We have a many plants waiting to be housed in our gardens.

We indulged in some carpentry this week. Our son made a beautiful table for our front verandah. We bought two “flat pack” chairs to go with the table and this week they were assembled.

New on the Site: Acacia baileyana var purpurea, Acacia falciformis, Actinodium cunninghamii, Bauera rubioides and Swainsona galegifolia.


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