Week 4 November 2006:
Early this week we left Gosford to drive home. On the way we made a few stops. In bushland, near Newcastle, there is a population of Hakea bakeriana. We stopped there and collected some fruits and cutting material.
We made a further stop at the Muswellbrook Forestry Nursery. Forty native tubes were purchased including Acacias, Eucalyptus, Hakeas and Waratahs.
Our garden had coped with our absence. A number of plants had burst into bloom. Theses included: Acacia uncinata, Grevillea banksii and Villarsia exalata. This was the first time that the Grevillea banksii has flowered and we were presented with about fifty cream flower heads. Our Pomegranate is also flowering. This is one of our edible exotics.
A group of TAFE students visited Yallaroo this week. We showed them the gardens and talked about native plant propagation.
Late in the week some members of the Australian Plant Society visited Yallaroo. We demonstrated our pruning techniques.
A pair of Grey Thrushes has built a nest in the Clematis vine near our back door. There are three eggs in the nest.
One afternoon this week a flock of swifts sent some time flying above the house. These birds are similar in shape to the swallows, which nest on our verandahs, but larger and faster. We think of them as the avian equivalent of the Air Force’s F111s.
This week we had a power blackout for over 24 hours plus a violent electrical storm. After the power was restored we found that lightning had damaged our dishwasher, video recorder and television.
We carried on planting and 15 plants went into the ground this week.
New on the Site this week: Acacia uncinata, Grevillea banksii, Hakea bakeriana and Villarsia exalata.

Garden Diary