Week 4 November 2005: Rain = 79 mm this week. Total for November = 188 mm. This is a splendid result. The monthly average = 80 mm.
Early in the week we visited an interesting botanical area near Guyra, north of Armidale. This area bulges at the seams with interesting native plants. Some that we observed were: Grevillea scortechinii, Hakea eriantha, Hakea dactyloides and Hakea microcarpa as well as a Patersonia species (Native Iris) and many more. We accompanied a group doing horticultural courses and were able to help with plant identification.
On the way home we had a look at a tomato farm, which is a new venture for Guyra. The tomatoes are grown in a massive glasshouse that covers many hectares.
Every day we have access to the number hits on our site. These are itemised in country of origin and we have noticed over the past couple of months that a large number of hits originate from Sweden . We are curious as to the reason why our site is visited from a country that is probably not conducive to the cultivation of Australian plants. We would be pleased to hear from any Swede that visits our site. Our email address is on the home page.
This week we purchased a large pair of lopping shears that are similar to secateurs on steroids. They will be useful for pruning large branches.
A local group of mature bushwalkers visited Yallaroo this week. They were interested in viewing the garden and a number went away carrying bags of cuttings.
Plants are still flowering in the gardens. This week some of those in bloom were: Leptospermum Rudolph, Grevillea Old Gold, Melaleuca alternifolia, Melaleuca pulchella and an unidentified dwarf Melaleuca.
The Clematis vines growing on the supports of our patio are proving popular with nesting birds. In one vine we have Red-browed Finches and Grey Thrushes nesting.
Plenty of planting and mulching this week and we also spent time potting on struck cuttings into tubes.

Garden Diary