Week 4 November 2002: More rain this week- 46 mm.
An exciting phone call from Birmingham. A new granddaughter arrived this week. Mother, father, daughter and sister all well. We now have four members of the family with birthdays within eight days
We returned home from Mittagong this week. No problems with any of our plants during our time away.
Saw a new bird on the ground near the house. A Wonga Pigeon takes our bird list up to 84 species. There is plenty of activity around our Honey Gem and Pink Surprise Grevilleas. Their large flowers are rich in nectar and are visited frequently by Eastern Spinebills. One Spinebill had its head covered in pollen. These delightful birds are very efficient pollinators of many native plants.
Early in November we mentioned that Boobook Owls were nesting in one of our boxes. This week we saw one of the chicks poking its head out of the box. There are also two young Swallows in their mud nest on our front verandah.

Garden Diary