Week 4 November 2001: This week was spent visiting family in Gosford and Mittagong. It rained every day when we were at Gosford (Central Coast NSW). This curtailed our activities somewhat. We did have a triple birthday celebration for our grand daughter, daughter, father and grandfather.
We visited a new Central Coast native nursery. They have a wide range of natives in pots and tubes. One of us scored a number of tubes as a birthday present.
From Gosford we drove south to Mittagong (Southern Highlands NSW). This is an interesting area both horticulturally and botanically. We call it the “Land of Box and Cypress Hedges”.  Most gardens are very formal and horticulturally monotonous. Fortunately the built-up areas are surrounded by bushland bulging at the seams with interesting native plants.
Acacia mearnsii was in full flower. This tall wattle grows along roadsides and at this time of the year is covered with cream, fluffy flowers. We visited a lookout in Morton National Park. Boronia floribunda and Melaleuca nodosa were in full flower. At another site, near the town of Berrima, we found a population of Grevillea juniperina growing under tall Banksia marginata.
Drove home via Thunderbolt’s Way. Another tall wattle grows along this road and in other places on the Northern Tablelands. Acacia irrorata is similar to its southern cousin Acacia mearnsii. They flower at the same time. Visually there is a slight difference in flower colour.
Examined the rain gauge when we arrived home. We measured 90 mm. This welcome precipitation put water in our dams, filled our tank and refreshed the garden.

Garden Diary