Week 4 November 2013: Rain = 81 millimetres. Two marvellous falls of rain gave this total. Our house tank filled to overflowing.
This week we continued watching the Ashes cricket test. Australia had a convincing win.
Swallows have two mud nests on our front verandah. Over the years they have raised numerous young. This week 4 babies poked their heads above the edge of one nest. Our Willie Wagtails raised 2 babies in a nest on our back patio. This week they returned to the nest and laid 1 egg.
Early this week the electricity people arrived and commenced clearing under our power line. The clearing was to reduce the risk of fire. An area near our plastic house was cleared of trees and shrubs. The area was rather overgrown and needed clearing. The cleared vegetation was chipped and now we have a small mountain of mulch. The area cleared is about 70 square metres in area. We will be able to plant this area with small shrubs.
We sprayed weeds and dug holes in our North Garden this week.
Zucchini seeds were sowed in one of our raised vegetable beds. Struck cuttings of Callistemon Endeavour, Myoporum viscosum, Grevillea teretifolia and Westringia eremicola were potted on. We also potted on Acacia cognata and Hakea macreana seedlings.
Our Acacia implexa plants are beginning to flower. This species has regenerated in large numbers at Yallaroo since sheep were removed many years ago..
We placed netting across our raspberry plants to prevent birds eating the fruit.
Late in the week we visited our friends from Canberra. They have a place east of Yallaroo. An enjoyable time was had by all.

Garden Diary