Week 4 may 2016: Rain = 23 millimetres this week. This was a very welcome fall of rain. Refreshed the garden and filled our tank.

Our three blueberry plants are in full flower. They are in pots on our north-facing deck.

Twelve plants went into a garden this week.

Potting on continued, as per usual, this week. Seedlings of Acacia lasiocarpa, A. iteaphylla, A. uncinata and struck cuttings of Correa Coffin Bay, Prostanthera striatiflora, Grevillea pinaster, Westringia eremicola all went into tubes.

At the end of the week we spent time packing as next week we are going on a cruise around northern Australia and New Guinea.

Wildlife observations: The great news this week is that a Koala visited Yallaroo. This was the first sighting in all the time we have lived at Yallaroo. Firstly the Koala was running along our road. We do not know what it was running from or running to. The Koala then climbed a small Eucalyptus albens (White Box). A few hours later it had moved on to parts unknown. We also sighted three Eastern Rosellas near the house and nine White-eared Choughs on our road.


Garden Diary