Week 4 May 2014: Rain = 3.5 millimetres

This week we filled the sixth raised, timber vegetable bed with soil from an old bed made from the sides of an above ground swimming pool. This bed served us well for a number of years but has rusted out. We have room for two more timber beds. We buy them from Bunnings Hardware for about $50 each.

Potting on continued this week. We potted on rooted cuttings of Myoporum viscosum, Eremophila microtheca, Melaleuca pulchella and Correa Autumn Blaze to name a few.

We also worked in the garden north of the house. We planted 24 tubes as well as weeding and mulching this garden. The plants are doing well here and the rabbits and kangaroos seem to be keeping away.

We had an exciting horticultural find this week. Our Hakea orthorrhyncha has burst into bloom for the first time. This Western Australian native is about seven years old. Large, bright red flowers appear on old wood. They line the stems of the plant. Grevillea anethifolia and Grevillea jephcottii are also flowering.

This week there were some interesting wildlife observations. A pair of Double-barred Finches started to feed on the seed in our bird tray. This is usually used by larger seed-eaters such as Crimson Rosellas and Galahs. Six Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos were heard and seen to the north of the house in a Hakea eriantha. The cockatoos are fond of the seed from this species. Our Choughs also visited this week. They were feeding on the ground near our shed. A flock of Leatherheads or Noisy Friarbirds flew over one morning. There were about ten birds in the flock.  Pair of Little Grebes is still on our big dam. The night after a fall of rain a large number of Swift Moths were attracted to our lounge room windows. They were attracted by the light. Their appearance is triggered by the moisture. There appeared to be two species of moths with one group larger than the other.


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