Week 4 May 2013:  Rain = 39.5 millimetres

This week we journeyed to the Central Coast and then Sydney to visit our children and grandchildren. On the Freeway, north of Sydney we ran into very heavy rain and our speed was reduced to 80 km/hr.

On our first day at Gosford we drove to a beach for lunch. During a walk along the beach we saw a large manta ray in the shallows. The ray retreated to deeper water before we could take any photos.

Early in our visit we attended a musical at a local theatre. Our son-in-law was one of the stars. He has an excellent singing voice. We enjoyed the performance. We also attended a concert where one of our grandsons played the saxophone. We have a very musical family with violinists, guitarists, flautists, saxophonists, drummers and singers. Our musical accomplishments run to playing the gramophone.

Later in the week we travelled to Sydney to stay with another family member. On the first day, of our visit, we had lunch in Parramatta Park. This is large open space in western Sydney along the banks of the Parramatta River. We lunched in an area surrounded by Lemon-scented Gums with their beautiful white trunks.

On the last day, of the week, we visited Westmead School and looked at the native gardens that the students are establishing. We are providing some plants for this project.

After that visit we journeyed across Sydney to Woronora Cemetery where we arranged to have a commemorative plaque placed in remembrance of a beloved family member. Our daughter kindly drove us to the cemetery. After years living away from Sydney we are loath to tackle the Sydney traffic.


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