Week 4 May 2012:   Rain = 19 millimetres

This week we attacked a large Grevillea arenaria near the house with hedge clipper and bow saw. This plant was rather large and we reduced the specimen by about half. Although the flowers, of this species, are not eye-catching they certainly attract Eastern Spinebills. Our pruning will increase foliage density and allow the plant to flower furiously.

We emptied half the contents of our compost tumbler. The compost is stored in large garden bags until it is used. We made up a mix to fill the tumbler again. The mix consisted of: 1 bucket sawdust, 1 bucket of debris collected from our shed gutter, 1 bucket semi-composted grass clippings plus a few handfuls of blood and bone.

This week our first fortnightly article was published in one of Armidale’s free newspapers. The articles were previously published in the Armidale Express. We will have more readers in the free paper.

We watered our new tubed plants and some vegetables with Thrive (a soluble fertiliser) and juice from our worm farm. Our worm farm is about 17 years old. The worms do a great job of demolishing our veggie scraps.

Splitting firewood is a regular job during the colder months. This week was no exception with a previously cut wood being split into burnable pieces.

We also indulged in some digging. We are preparing an area for planting berries and vines. The digging was fairly area with only a few rocks surfacing. Our soil is reasonable quality and well drained. Splitting firewood and digging are regarded as good exercise. We also regard writing as exercise. Both activities keep the mind and body active.

There was even time to pot on some struck cuttings. This week’s list included: Tetratheca thymifolia, Grevillea shiressii, Myoporum viscosum, Dodonaea boroniifolia and a beautiful red-flowered form of Correa glabra.


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