Week 4 May 2011: Rain = 89.5 millimetres! The rain was spread over five days and filled our tank and nearly filled our big dam. With low evaporation this splendid rain will do the garden and surrounding bushland a power of good. The monthly total = 98.5 mm. Monthly average = 42 mm

Planting total = 60 plants

This week we fitted in some planting between the rains and finished a 130 square metre garden bed. This bed accommodates over 600 plants. This has made a dent in the plants waiting to go into the ground. We could not afford to plant so many if we had to buy the plants rather than propagate them.

We sowed seeds of broad beans and snow peas in a vegetable ring this week. We also removed the spent tomato plants from another ring. In their place we sowed mustard seed. The mustard plants will be dug in before they flower. The gas they give off, once dug in, should control any nematodes.

The quail are still around and almost every day we see up to six in the gardens surrounding the house.

Another wildlife sighting was a Red-necked Wallaby that hopped past our verandah one afternoon this week.

In the garden we found a Banksia ericifolia with a developing flower spike. Just near our patio there is a Banksia spinulosa in full flower with over two dozen large yellow spikes with black styles.

At the end of the week we found an Acacia flexifolia in full flower. This is always the species that heralds the spring floral extravaganza of our Wattles.


Garden Diary