Week 4 May 2010: Rain = 52 millimetres.   This was a great week for rain. The garden is refreshed, soil moisture level increased and our tank has overflowed with monotonous regularity.

Planting total this week: 46

Two groups of visitors this week. Firstly there were two friends from Canberra who have an interest in native plants. We had an interesting time wandering around the garden.

The second visitation was from members of the Guyra Garden Club. Guyra is a town north of Armidale. This was another interesting visit. We took the 20 members around the garden and answered questions, showed them various plants and demonstrated our planting and propagating techniques. We also suggested that they take cuttings. This suggestion was greeted with great enthusiasm and most members took home bags of cuttings.

One day this week we found a snake-like lizard in the garden. The reptile has short (about 5 mm long) front legs & the just stumps on the back. We are going to contact a herpetologist for identification.

After all the rain we filled all our ponds this week. Some were rather low. The heightened water level should make the frogs happy.

This week our Melaleuca cardiophylla started to flower. This Western Australian native is a medium shrub with white flowers.

Saturday was a gala day as far a we are concerned. We visited the new Bunnnings Hardware Store that has just opened. Almost the entire Armidale population seemed to be there. This is going to be a great asset to Armidale as there has been a hardware monopoly for many years. We were pleased to see that they have a well stocked nursery.


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