Week 4 May 2009: Rain =41.5 mm. This was very welcome rain. Our Prostantheras (Mint Bushes) were becoming a trifle relaxed after a recent dry spell. Not only did the rain benefit our plants but also filled our water tank to overflowing.

Two plants burst into bloom this week. A purple-flowered form of Melaleuca fulgens has flowered for the first time and two Acacia falcata plants are covered in pale yellow flowers.

This was a big planting week with 88 plants going into the ground. This month we have planted 190 plants. Mulching, as well as planting, continued this week.

We had a number of wildlife observations this week. We are still sighting a pair of Quail around the house. They appear to have taken up permanent residence.

One of our ponds is full of tadpoles. Donít know the species but they may be either Burrowing Frog or Peronís Frog tadpoles. Regardless of the species they are welcome in our pond.

Three Little Grebes have spent this week on our big dam. We sometimes see a pair but this is the first time three have been observed.

Speaking of threes. We often see a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles soaring over Yallaroo. This week, for the first time, three of these magnificent birds performed their acrobatics in our air space.

New on the Site: Acacia falcata and Melaleuca fulgens.


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