Middle_Gdn.jpg (50161 bytes)Week 4 May 2006: Still no rain.
This was a busy week. Firstly we had a visit from about 30 members of the Gunnedah Garden Club. We had an enjoyable time and the visitors took home plenty of cutting material.
Later in the week we travelled to Tamworth and talked to the local Cottage Gardeners. This is a large Garden Club and over 90 members attended our talk on Frog, Birds, Insects and Native Plants. We enjoy spreading the word about our unique flora and fauna.
At the end of the week an Aboriginal TAFE group visited Yallaroo. They were interested in the large range of native plants growing at Yallaroo.
This was a rather amphibious week. Firstly we found a Spotted Marsh Frog in our new pond. Later in the week we found a leak in one of our water pipes. The water had leaked under a vegetable box. When we moved the box we found about ten Eastern Common Froglets, of varying sizes and another Spotted Marsh Frog. The leak was repaired which meant that the soil, under the box, dried. After a couple of days the frogs had moved to damper pastures.
We sighted a pair of Scarlet Robins in the garden one morning. They are infrequent visitors to Yallaroo.
We came across a newspaper article about a rare local plant. A new population of Bertya ingramii has been discovered in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. This small plant has rather insignificant flowers but attractive, grey foliage.
More planting was undertaken this week. Fifteen plants, including a large Kangaroo Paw, went into our Middle Garden (see image). This garden is progressing very well. We also divided another Kangaroo Paw that we purchased on our recent trip to Coffs Harbour. Three new plants were divided from this individual.
All our new plantings were irrigated with grey water this week. This recycled water has been a boon particularly during this extended dry period.
We spent one morning cutting firewood. A large branch came off one of our White Box (Eucalyptus albens) trees, some time ago, and this is providing a large quantity of firewood.
Even during this dry period there are some plants flowering. A Spotted Gum (Eucalyptus maculata) and an Emu Bush (Eremophila decipiens) are both blooming.

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