Week 4 May 2005:
The first day of the week we travelled to Gosford, north of Sydney from Westmead. Our eldest daughter and her family have just bought a house that backs onto a bushland reserve, in Gosford. We only stayed one night so there was no opportunity to explore the reserve. We will look forward to this pleasure at another time.
From Gosford we drove home with a stop at a nursery on the way. We purchased two advanced Banksias. One was a Banksia ericifolia and the other was Banksia integrifolia. They were only $8 dollars each. The Banksia ericifolia even came complete with a flower.
Most of the garden survived after our fortnight away. One Banksia robur may have expired. All the plants in our propagating area are OK.
We spent a few nights preparing cuttings. We collected quite a few during our trip. Some time was also spent potting on struck cuttings and germinated seedlings. Some cuttings managed to strike when we were away.
Our newer garden beds were irrigated with grey water. There was 12.5 mm rain during our absence. This was the first rain for many weeks.
We planted our two new Banksias in the Correa Garden bed. Hopefully they will survive and thrive in this situation. We now plant a length of poly pipe beside each Banksia. The pipe is about 30 cm long and half the length is buried with the plant. Each time the plant is watered we fill the pipe a couple of times.
We visited a garden, east of Armidale one day this week. The owner wanted a tree identified. The tree was an Exocarpos cupressiformis, the Brush Cherry. The Brush Cherry is reasonably common in the area. It is a hemi parasite and obtains some nutrients from the roots of nearby plants.

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